Lab for Ecology and Sociobiology Studies
Lab for Ecology and Sociobiology Studies

Research Directions

My research focuses on understanding the social and
ecological determinants of social evolution and the ecological consequences of sociality.

I am using an integrative approach that includes behavioral observation, experimental manipulation, and theoretical modeling, to study the fascinating phenomena of social evolution. The empirical systems I use include (1) the joint-nesting bird species, Taiwan yuhina, in which several unrelated females lay eggs in the same nest and group members provide communal parental care, (2) the grey-capped social weaver: a colonial cooperative breeders, living in extended family groups, in Kenya, and (3) the burying beetles, Nicrophorus nepalensis, a cooperative breeding social insect but cooperating with non-kin, in Taiwan.

Location: Interdisciplinary Research Building for Science and Technology C206
Tel: +886-2-2787-2281
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