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Event News

[Cancelled]-4/20 10:00_Dr. Samuel Cushman_Topics, Tools, People and Places: A Tour of the Biodiversity Research Landscape

(Terrestrial Biodiversity and Ecosystems)

Time:2023. 04. 20  Thu. 10:00

Venue: Auditorium, 1st Floor, Interdisciplinary Research Building

Speaker:Dr. Samuel Cushman
                     Senior Research Ecologist
                     Rocky Mountain Research Station, Forest Service, U. S. Department of Agriculture

Title:Topics, Tools, People and Places: A Tour of the Biodiversity Research Landscape

Host:Dr. Sheng-Feng Shen 

        The emergence of powerful computing and advanced analytics methods are revolutionizing the study of biology and biodiversity. In this talk I provide an overview of the scope of my recent work in biodiversity research. I first will describe the scope of the topics of my work, including connectivity modeling, machine learning, landscape genetics, population simulation, genetic simulation, and scenario optimization. Second, I discuss the tools that are used to study these topics, focusing on software that was developed in my collaborative network, including FRAGSTATS, CDPOP, UNICOR, sGD, PATHWALKER and others. Then I describe the geographic scope of recent research, focusing on partnerships and applications around the world. Next, I discuss the collaborative structure of my research program, including the key role that graduate students and postdoctoral scholars play in this large network of research. I then provide a detailed example of how topics, tools, people and places intersect in a specific example of recent highly impactful research, and I close with a vision of how my network of research can synergize with BRCAS faculty and felllows to provide opportunities for funding and increased productivity and impact for our network of expanded collaboration.

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~Attendee are suggested to wear mask~

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