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Event News

10/06 Dr. Keita Kamino_Dynamic Information Processing by Microbial Signaling Pathways

Seminar Announcement [Online Seminar]

(Microbial Diversity and Bioinformatics)

Time: 2021. 10. 06   Wed. 09:00 

Venue: C101 Conference Room, 1st Floor, Interdisciplinary Research Building

Speaker: Dr. Keita Kamino
    Associate Research Scientist
    Department of Molecular, Yale University

Title: Dynamic Information Processing by Microbial Signaling Pathways

Host: Dr. Isheng Jason Tsai


  Cells are highly sophisticated sensorimotor systems, dynamically adapting their behavior to their surrounding environment. Underlying this adaptation is continuous processing of environmental signals and real-time control of behavioral outputs by signaling pathways. Despite the intense molecular characterizations of the representative signaling pathways in model organisms, we have yet to grasp a clear set of principles of cellular information processing. In the first part of the seminar, I will talk about how investigations into cellular signaling dynamics have helped us gain insights into functions of signaling pathways. Focusing on my recent work (Kamino et al., Sci. Adv., 2020; Mattingly* and Kamino* et al., Nat. Phys., in press, *equal contribution), I will explain how the combination of live-cell imaging, particularly single-cell FRET imaging, and mathematical modeling has revealed fundamental properties of the E. coli chemotaxis pathway. In the second part, I will talk about my future research plan in which experimental tools developed and tested in E. coli chemotaxis will be translated for use in other bacteria to investigate the diverse world of microbial signal processing.

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