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12/21 106年度「人文社會科學研究倫理教育訓練課程III」

1/19 臺灣水產學會107年度學術論文發表會及會員大會

2018年度 海外學友會推薦扶輪米山獎學金-訪問研究員

楊棋明 副研究員


Dr. Chi-Ming Yang

[ homepage ] [ email ]

tel: +886-2-2787-1095

Associate Research Fellow
PhD- University of Nebraska-Lincoln,
Nebraska, USA, 1989.
Research Fields
Ecology, Evolution and Adaptation
Major Research Achievements (2013-2017)
  • Ecological role of chlorophylls: All three humic substances, despite their soil sources, stimulate the activities of both chlorophyllase a and b. It is suggested that humic substances in the soil may accelerate the chlorophyll degradation of litter in the ecosystem and that chlorophyllase a and b may be different enzymes.
  • Relationship between chlorophylla and satellite remote sensing: The polarity of chlorophylls or carotenoids is significantly correlated to satellite NDVI. Chlorophylls without phytol chains, also called dephytylated pigments, such as PPIX, MGPP, Pchlide, Chlide a and Chlide b, are more polar and located in the stroma. Chlorophylls containing phytol chain, also named phytylated pigments, such as Chl a, Chl b, Phe a and Phe b, are less polar or nonpolar and situated in the thylakoid membrane. The less polar CRCs attribute more than the more polar CRCs to the satellite NDVI.
  • Ecological research on Chi-Chi earthquake-caused landslide: The recovery process of pioneer vegetation in Chiu-Feng-Er Mountain landslide may follow the equation of the grey prediction model, i.e. x(k+1)=72387.143e0.4704. This recovery process exhibited a lag phase of approximately two months. CTSI, pH, Temp, and DO had the greatest influence on the SRWRI of Ser-Su-Ken Lake for one-and-a-half years after the Chi-Chi Earthquake; inorganic matter played a much larger role than organic matter did; and BOD, PO4-, NH4+, NO3-, and NO2- contributed the least of all physico-chemical variables. This is the first report to use a grey relational analysis to solve an important question in limnology unresolved by traditional mathematics and statistics.
Research Interests
  • Chlorophyll metabolism in animals.
  • Pigment-protein complexes in non-leaf green tissues.
  • Relationship between chlorophyll and satellite remote sensing.
  • Application of chlorophyll- or porphyrin-related compounds.
  • Application of grey system theory on research of plant science.
    Ongoing projects
    • Application of ROCSAT 2 satellite remote sensing on research of plant biochemical physiology (NSC grant, 2004-2007).
    • Study on the Theory and Application of Relationship among Satellite Remote Sensing, Reflectance Spectra, and Plant Pigments (II) (NSC grant, 2003-2006).
    • Establishment of monitoring and precaution system of sweet potatoes using satellite remote sensing and grey system theory (COA, 2003-2006).
    • Chlorophyll cycling in the Yuanyang Lake Nature Preserve (IBAS group grant).
      Publications (2009-2017)
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