Faculty list

Dr. Wen-Hsiung Li

Distinguished Research Fellow
Brown University, Providence, RI, USA Ph.D.
Research Fields
Evolutionary Genomics, Molecular Evolution, Bioinformatics, Population Genetics, Synthetic Biology
Major Research Achievements (2013-2017)
Research Interests
  • I. Evolution of gene regulation: The importance of regulatory evolution has been proposed long ago (for instance, in the conspicuous morphological differences between human and chimp), but it has not been well studied due to experimental limitations. Making use of recent advances we are pursuing the following studies:
     (1) Evolution of gene regulation in yeast strains and species. Our major question is whether evolution of gene regulation is mainly due to changes in cis elements or in trans factors. We are using NGS sequencing and real time PCR to study expression differences, computational analysis of genomic data to identify sites of interest, and site-directed mutagenesis and fitness assays to test effects of regulatory changes.
     (2) Evolution of cis-regulatory modules and gene networks. Using statistical and experimental approaches we are identifying cis elements and gene networks, and studying how they have evolved.
  • II. Development of statistical methods and computational analysis of genomic data.
     The huge amount of genomic data currently available is a tremendous resource for understanding the organization and evolution of genomes. We are currently developing tools for analysis of segmental duplications, protein interaction data, and genomic data.
  • III. Synthetic biology.
     Synthetic biology is a new approach to biotechnology, using a combination of DNA technology, systems biology, and bioinformatics tools to construct novel biological systems in a microbe to produce desirable products such as proteins or metabolites. This approach can save land space and reduce pollution and negative impacts on biodiversity.
    Ongoing projects
    Publications (2009-2017)
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