Faculty list

Dr. Sen-Lin Tang

Research Fellow
Ph.D. University of Melbourne
Research Fields
Virology, Archaeal biology, Microbial genomics, and Computational biology
Major Research Achievements (2013-2017)
  • Microbes are known as one of the key members in coral holobionts and affect nutrient supply and health and disease of corals. To understand the roles of microbial community in coral holobionts, my colleagues and I have devoted on the studies of coral-associated bacteria since our joining Academia Sinica in 2007. As far as our best knowledge, we are the first team in Taiwan unveiled Stylophora pistillata-associated bacterial community (also coral-associated bacterial community) using culture independent molecular approach, which research results have been published in a renowned international journal, Applied and Environmental Microbiology (Hong et al., 2009) and elected as one of the most important achievements by the 2010-2011 Academia Sinica Review Report. In this study, we suggested that the effect of environment-specificity to coral-associated bacterial community is more significant than that of host species-specificity, and proposed a multifactor interaction model to illustrate this issue (i.e., which effects are more radical in driving the structure of bacterial community) and to emphasize such effect on specificity of coral-associated microbes is in fact an integrated, compound underlying impacts of environments, coral species, bacterial composition and temporal factors.
  • Furthermore, we worked intensively on a one-year monthly survey for dynamics of microbial communities in Isopora palifera using massively parallel pyrosequencing and which results have been accepted by a prestigious international journal, International Society for Microbial Ecology Journal (Chen, et al., 2010). We are the first team in the world employing the newly improved next generation sequencing technique and lately developed bioinformatics tool (i.e., Greedy-Fetching method, Tseng et al., BMC Bioinformatics in submission) to detect the dynamics of coral-associated microbial community and we have further applied the most comprehensive compositional analysis of coral-associated bacterial community from our monthly-coral samplings. The result of the study presents surprisingly a high biodiversity of coral-associated bacterial community and highly dynamic of two algal symbiont clades in Isopora palifera, which may change the traditional view to biodiversity of coral-associated bacteria and dynamics of algal symbionts in coral.
Research Interests
  • Microbial ecology and diversity
  • Microbial genomics (Metagenomics)
  • Computational biology
    Ongoing projects
    • Biodiversity of microbial communities in coral reefs and salt lakes
    • Microbial community genomics in South China Sea and Fei-tsui Water Reservoir
      Publications (2009-2017)
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