Faculty list

Dr. Can-Jen William Maa

Research Fellow
Ph. D., Oregon State University, USA, 1980
Research Fields
Ecological Genetics of Insecticide-Resistance in Insect, Biodiversity in wetland and aquatic insect
Major Research Achievements (2013-2017)
  • The Chi-Chi earthquake of September 1999 caused: a) declines in species numbers and total numbers of individual chironomid species: b) greater variability among samples and shifts in chironomid communities. The more-severe impacts of the Chi-Chi earthquake than the 3-31 earthquake can be attributed to differences in ground shaking, occurrence time, species richness, and growing conditions of insects at those times. (2) The constitutive strategies of diamondback moth, Plutella xylostella L. to environmental contaminants are monooxygenases induction in short-term constructional coasts, and an adaptively protective protein, lipase-like protein(9b), occurring at ecological levels of organization in long term maintenance coasts.
Research Interests
  • Ecological Genetics of Insecticide-Resistance in Insect.
  • Biodiversity in wetland and aquatic insect
    Ongoing projects
    • Study on Insecticide-resistance︰the origin, structure, dispersal and regulation of genes affecting resistance to insecticides in diamondback moths (DBM). carboxylesterase isozymes in. Amino acid sequence of EST9 will be determined for a DNA probe.
    • The Application of Insect Biodiversity︰ecological study on biodiversity of insect communities to justify the managing efforts applied to the Wetland Nature Park.
      Publications (2009-2017)