Faculty list

Dr. Rong-Quen Jan

Research Fellow
PhD – York University, UK, 1990
Research Fields
Community ecology of fishes, fish behavior, biomonitoring, artificial reef
Major Research Achievements (2013-2017)
  • According to the optimal territory-size model, both food abundance and intruder pressure play important roles in regulating the size of the territory of a fish. Field experiments reveal an inverse relationship between the amount of algae in the defended territory and the distance of attack of the owner, indicating that food abundance might account for variations among territories. Territory owner's familiarity with intruders also affected its defense of resources in its territory, as when conspecifics intruded in pairs, the probability was significantly higher for the first attack to be launched on a neighbor than on a non-neighbor.
Research Interests
  • Ecology and behavior of coral reef fishes, mainly on the structuring process of fish communities with interspecific competition and resource partitioning in mind, and population dynamics of damselfishes, recruitments in particular.
  • Fish reproduction, focusing on the role that environmental factors play on fish reproduction
  • Territoriality of damselfishes on coral reefs, focusing on resource defense, territory persistence, interactions with other marine lives and trade-off in the territorial behavior.
  • Environmental monitoring using fish as bioindicators
  • The effects of artificial habitats
    Ongoing projects
    • Long-term ecological study on the spatial and temporal variations of coral reef fish assemblages on the Kenting coast
    • Plasticity of social behaviors of coral reef fishes
    • Artificial reef projects for the surrounding waters of Taiwan: a proposal of master plan
      Publications (2009-2017)
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