Biodiversity Research Center, Academia Sinica

Seminars List


2019/01/10 14:00Prof. Itay MayroseDr. Chih-Ming HungWhole Genome Duplications and Their Consequences on Plants Evolution
2019/04/08 15:30Dr. Ting-Chun KuoDr. Benny K. K. ChanMarine Species in the International Wildlife Trade and the "Bycatch" Fisheries
2019/04/09 15:30Dr. Axel MeyerDr. Tzi-Yuan WangGenomics of parallel evolution and speciation during repeated adaptive radiations of cichlid fishes
2019/04/09 14:00Dr. Axel MeyerDr. Tzi-Yuan WangGenomics of repeated evolution of color patterns in parallel adaptive radiations of cichlid fishes
2019/04/11 10:30Dr. Tzu-Hao LinDr. Chaolun Allen ChenListening to the Ocean: Studying the Dynamics of Marine Ecosystems Using an Integrative Approach of Ecoacoustics and Informatics
2019/04/15 15:30Dr. Chien-Hsiang LinDr. Yoko NozawaFish Otoliths in Time and Space: Exploring the Diversity of Fish Through Their Fossil Records
2019/04/26 15:30Prof. Chung-Ping LinDr. Sheng-Feng ShenDefense Mechanisms of Aposematic Weevils
2019/05/03 15:45Dr. Yu-Ju LinDr. Wen-Hsiung LiFrom Yeast to Human: Designing a Yeast Host for Multiple Biotechnology Applications to Benefit Human Society
2019/05/15 15:30Dr. Chao-Li HuangDr. Sheng-Feng ShenPhylogeography and Root-associated Microbiomes of Miscanthus in Taiwan
2019/05/24 15:45Dr. Naohisa WadaDr. Sen-Lin TangCharacterization of Coral-Associated Microbial Aggregates (CAMAs) within Tissues of the Coral Acropora hyacinthus
2019/05/31 14:00Ms. Adriana Maria Santacruz CastroDr. Sheng-Feng ShenReproductive Traits Variability and Survival of Corals Under Different Environmental Conditions
2019/05/31 15:45Dr. Jinn-Jy LinDr. Wen-Hsiung LiMolecular Evolution of Human RNA Viruses
2019/06/06 15:30Dr. Mark E. OlsonDr. Kuo-Fang ChungPlant Height and Hydraulic Vulnerability to Drought and Cold
2019/06/14 15:45Dr. Keshavmurthy ShashankDr. Chaolun Allen ChenClimate Change and Corals: Tropical Reefs Versus High-latitude, Marginal and Extreme Environments
2019/07/12 15:45Dr. Tin-Han ShihDr. Chi-Ming YangLet's Gall Together - Progress of the Studies on Cecidology in Taiwan-
2019/06/13 10:00Mr. Che-Hung LrainDr. Yoko NozawaThe Regulatory Mechanisms of Synchronous Spawning Timing (days) in Scleractinian Corals
2019/07/26 14:00Ms. Viet Dai DangDr. John Wang Social Behavior in Fire Ants: Dissecting the Queen - Worker Olfactory Interaction
2019/07/30 15:00Mr. Bo-Fei ChenDr. Sheng-Feng Shen Social Evolution and Genomic Investigation of Breeding Adaptation in Burying Beetles
2019/08/12 15:30Dr. Frank HsuDr. Wen-Hsiung LiBig Data Analysis: Ranking and Scoring Systems for Model Fusing
2019/08/23 15:45Dr. Huei-Mien KeDr. Isheng Jason TsaiGenomic Basis of Fungal Bioluminescence in Mycena Species
2019/08/28 15:30Dr. Gavin WoodruffDr. John Wang Exploring the Proximate and Ultimate Causes of Variation with Fig Nematodes
2019/09/06 15:45Dr. Yu-Te LinDr. Chih-Yu ChiuSoil Bacterial Diversity in Offshore Islands
2019/09/09 15:00Prof. Gisela P. ConcepcionDr. Chaolun Allen ChenEcological, Biological and Chemical Diversity Leads from Marine and Terrestrial Ecosystems for Drug Discovery and Development
2019/09/10 14:00Prof. Chung-I WuDr. Isheng Jason TsaiAn Expanded View of Evolution Encompassing Micro- and Ultramicro-Evolutionary Processes
2019/09/12 15:30Dr. Syuan-Jyun SunDr. Sheng-Feng ShenOn the Ecological Transitions between Parasitism and Mutualism
2019/09/26 15:30Dr. Masaya MoritaDr. Sen-Lin TangReproductive Isolation of the Coral Acropora Seeing from Gamete Species Recognition
2019/10/16 15:30Dr. D. Justin YehDr. Sheng-Feng ShenModelling the Evolution of Culture: Divergence through Birdsong and Homogenization through Linkage
2019/10/18 15:45Dr. Grace Tzun-Wen ShawDr. Daryi WangDetection of Chronic Environmental Changes by Microbial Networks
2019/10/24 14:00Prof. Nan-Yao SuDr. Meiyeh LuRise and Fall of Ancient Civilizations in Relation to Forest Management, and Roles of Termites in Forest Ecosystem
2019/10/29 15:00Miss Chui Li LeawDr. Shu-Miaw ChawTechnology Seminar: Building the Best Genome on Earth
2019/11/01 14:00Prof. Jianzhi ZhangDr. Wen-Hsiung Li Multi-Environment Fitness Landscapes of A Yeast tRNA Gene
2019/11/04 10:30Dr. Tony Z. JiaDr. Yin-Ru ChiangMembraneless Polyester Microdroplets as Primordial Compartments at the Origins of Life
2019/11/05 15:30Dr. Martine DevicDr. Sen-Lin TangStudy of the Seasonal Bloom of Bathycoccus prasinos in the French Mediterranean Bay of Banyuls
2019/11/06 13:30Prof. Anton NekrutenkoDr. Wen-Hsiung Li Biology Needs Reliable Open Software Tools: Let's Build Them Right
2019/11/06 14:30Prof. Kateryna MakovaDr. Wen-Hsiung Li Mito-nuclear Effects in Human Admixed Populations
2019/11/06 15:30Mr. Sean TanDr. Mei-Yeh LuSpatial Transcriptomes
2019/11/07 15:30Prof. Kiwamu MinamisawaDr. Sen-Lin TangSymbiotic Interactions with Bacteria and Plants: Their Biogeochemical Functions and Evolutionary Processes
2019/11/08 09:30Prof. Hirofumi Tsukada & Prof. Hideto UenoDr. Chih-Yu ChiuMini-symposium
2019/11/20 15:30Dr. Jan-Fang ChengDr. Wen-Hsiung Li Developing Technologies to Accelerate Funcitonal Exploration of DNA Sequences
2019/11/22 15:45Dr. Shih-Pin HuangDr. Kuo-Fang ChungGenetic Diversity of the Endangered Chinese Ricefish from Taiwan, with Comments on Its Conservation
2019/11/28 15:00Mr. Rodrigo Enrique Carballo BolañosDr. Chaolun Allen ChenPhysiological Differences and Acclimatisation Processes in Two Scleractinian Corals: Leptoria phrygia and Porites lutea, from Two Sites with Contrasting Temperature Regimes in K
2019/11/29 14:00Dr. Shuhei NISHIDADr. Ryuji Machida An Introduction to Deep-Sea Biodiversity-Focusing on Mesopelagic Copepods-
2019/12/13 09:00Dr. Prof. Naruya Saitou Dr. Shu-Miaw ChawPeopling of Yaoponesia, or Japanese Archipelago
2019/12/13 15:45Dr. Rizwana Parveen Rani Mohamed GobilDr. Wen-Hsiung LiConstruction of Multifunctional Bacterial Hosts for Biomining and Bioproduction of the Secondary Metabolite
2019/12/20 10:00Mr. Derek Alexander Soto RodriguezDr. Chaolun Allen ChenSpatial-Temporal Diversity in the Recruitment of Scleractinian Corals and Associated Benthic Assemblages in Taiwan
2019/12/20 14:30Mr. Stéphane Pierre de PalmasDr. Chaolun Allen ChenMesophotic Coral Ecosystems (MCEs) of Ludao: Potential Refuge for Future Taiwanese Coral Reefs
2019/12/26 10:00Ms. Silvia FontanaDr. John WangThe Fire Ant Social Supergene is Characterized by Extensive Gene and Transposable Element Copy Number Variation
2019/12/27 15:45Dr. Yu-Fei LinDr. Isheng Jason TsaiDetermination of Core Soil Microbial Community from the Offshore Islands of Taiwan
2019/12/30 14:30Mr. Jin Yung WongDr. Benny K.K. ChanComparative Biomechanics of Barnacle Larvae


2018/08/14 15:00Dr. Shunichi TakahashiDr. Sen-Lin TangAdaptation of Corals to Future Warm Environments
2018/08/13 10:00Miss Hannah G. ReichDr. Chaolun Allen ChenA Multidisciplinary Characterization of the Iron Requirement of Coral-Algal Symbiosis
2018/07/24 10:00Dr. Yi-Hsiu ChenDr. Mao-Ning TuanmuSpatio-temporal Dynamics of Threatened Elkhorn Corals Acropora palmata: Implications for Conservation Under Climate Change
2018/07/20 15:00Dr. Sabrina RossetDr. Chaolun Allen ChenLipidome Analysis of Symbiodinium spp. Reveals Mechanisms of Heat Stress Tolerance in Reef Coral Symbionts
2018/09/21 10:30Dr. Ryuji MachidaDr. Sen-Lin TangZooplankton Diversity Estimation and Its Beyon
2018/09/14 15:45Dr. Wen-Yu LiuDr. Wen-Hsiung LiIdentifying Regulators and the Regulatory Network of C4 Leaf Development Using Laser-Capture Microdissection
2018/11/16 10:30Dr. Isheng Jason TsaiDr. John WangEcological Genomics of Fungi and Nematodes
2018/11/09 10:30Dr. Ko-Hsuan ChenDr. Sheng-Feng ShenWhat Shapes the Evolution and Functional Ecology of Plant-associated Fungal Symbionts?
2018/10/31 10:30Dr. Yi-Lung ChenDr. John WangMechanisms and Microbes Involved in the Metabolism of Refractory Dissolved Organic Carbon in the Ocean: Alicyclic Terpenoids as Examples
2018/10/29 15:30Dr. Yun-Chi LinDr. Sen-Lin TangThe Importance of Small-Eukaryotes in the Marine Ecology and Biogeochemistry
2018/12/07 15:45Dr. Chung-Shien WuDr. Shu-Miaw ChawPlastome Evolution in the Sole Hemiparasitic Genus Laurel Dodder (Cassytha) and Insights into the Plastid Phylogenomics of Lauraceae
2018/12/12 11:00Dr. Jan OettlerDr. John WangFrom Conceptual to Mechanistic Analyses: Eco-evo-devo of Social Insect Plasticity
2018/12/14 15:45Dr. Ping HuangDr. John WangInvestigation of Chemical Cues Associated with Queen Genotype Recognition in Invasive Fire Ant (Solenopsis invicta)